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LowTherm 4G

Warm-Mix Additives

ACTIVA's additives for "Warm Mix Asphalt" are 100% safe, odorless and classified as non-hazardous for human health and the environment; they provide an extraordinary workability and a complete and efficient adhesion of bitumen to aggregates.

Used at low dosages (0,1-0,2%) they act as "Antistripping Agent": they favor the adhesion of bitumen to aggregates and increase the resistance to water damages; used at higher dosages (0,3-0,4%) they also increase the workability of bituminous mixtures, allowing to reduce the mixing, laying and compaction temperatures.

ReActive ACF

Rejuvenetor and Warm-Mix 

Additives for bituminous mixtures with high quantities of Reclaimed Asphalt. They have a triple activity: they rejunenate the old and oxidized bitumen, promote the adhesion of aggregates/bitumen and at the same time allow the production, laying and compaction at lower temperatures than those traditionally used. They act by modifying the chemical-physical characteristics of the bitumen (virgin + old bitumen) bringing back the values of viscosity, penetration, Fraass and softening similar to those of a virgin bitumen; they reduce the final stiffness and improve the workability of bituminous mixtures during paving and compaction.

FluxOil S-1


Workable asphalts are used for road maintenance when small amounts of asphalt are needed. The main advantages of workable asphalts over hot mix asphalts is that they can be used at ambient temperature and preserve their workability for six months or more after production. They can be used all seasons of the year for filling potholes, whether by administrations, businesses or just citizens. After the pothole is filled, the road can be immediately opened to traffic. Traffic will harden and compact the asphalt, which will continue to harden as it ages.

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Our technical team has a 20-year experience in the field of chemical additives for asphalt and bitumen applications.


Performance tests on bitumen.

Performance tests on bitumen emulsion.

Mix designer bitumen emulsion.

Affinity between aggregate and bitumen.

Mix designer bitumen mixtures.



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