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Antistripping Agents

The degradation of an asphalt pavement begins when the bitumen film detaches from the surface of the aggregate.

This decrease in performance proceeds inexorably with the interposition of water, which produces a continuous and deleterious detaching effect between aggregate and bitumen film.

In order to increase the affinity between bitumen and aggregates and reduce the sensitivity of bituminous mixtures to water, ACTIVA produces additives called "Antistriping Agents" called AdheBit.



Reusing "Reclaimed Asphalt" from existing pavements to create new ones brings considerable savings in terms of raw materials, energy consumption and significant economic advantages, but it presents several obstacles in terms of both plant engineering and technology.

Using adequately equipped plants facilitates the action but it is not enough. The main obstacle is the high viscosity of the bituminous binder, which results in asphalts with high stiffness and low workability that can prevent proper compaction from being achieved, with disastrous consequences for the life of the road pavement.

ACTIVA produces "rejuvenating" additives that are indispensable for the production of bituminous mixtures with a high percentage of "Reclaimed Asphalt".

polymer for asphalt

Polymers and Cellulose Fibres

The road paving sector is constantly evolving. Increasing traffic volumes make it necessary to use pavements that can maintain safety and durability requirements over time.

At low and high temperatures, traditional bitumen can be brittle and soft respectively. This phenomenon, coupled with the dynamic stresses induced by traffic, especially heavy and intense traffic, irreparably affects the durability of a road pavement.

Improving the mechanical performance of road pavements means designing and producing bituminous mixes that are resistant to deformation. This can be achieved by using bitumen modified with polymers and cellulose fibres.

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Our technical team has a 20-year experience in the field of chemical additives for asphalt and bitumen applications.


Performance tests on bitumen.

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Affinity between aggregate and bitumen.

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